Welcome to Pearls of Wisdom – the website for my custom, handmade jewelry company, based in the Washington, D.C.-metro area.  My name is Debra Taylor Johnson and I recently relocated east from Northern California.  I hope to continue sharing my passion for pearls, crystals, and natural stones with jewelry lovers in California and expand to a new market on the East Coast.

The primary elements in all Pearls of Wisdom pieces are pearls.  In most of the necklaces, bracelets, and earrings I have also incorporated crystals, natural stones, e.g., jade, rose quartz, various colored agate, onyx, citrine, etc. with the pearls.  Pearls of Wisdom offers timeless pieces that are not meant to be trendy or costume.  I only use authentic pearls, natural stones, and various crystal elements.  I bless each piece and offer “words of wisdom” with each piece I sell.

Please take a few moments to view samples of my collection. I’ve ensured that the pieces are affordable as I design for the “love of it” in lieu of simply focusing on the bottom line.   If you are interested in hosting a “Bubbles and Bobbles” event at your home or place of business, contact me at: debratj@pearlsofwisdom.live.

Please enjoy!

Debra TJ


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