As a young girl growing up on in San Francisco, California, I developed a passion for pearls.  My aunt worked in the jewelry department at Gump’s in San Francisco and she would periodically gift me with pearl jewelry.  As my appreciation for pearls grew, my aunt took me to visit Gump’s wholesale dealers who taught me how to determine the quality and value of individual pieces.  It was then that I learned pearls come in countless shapes, sizes, colors, and qualities.

Pearls have typically been considered regal or stately and worn for more conservative events or activities.  Pearls are generally thought of as round, white and worn by reserved persons.  Pearls of Wisdom challenges that idea by using non-traditional pearls like Keishi, Freshwater and Biwa pearls.  Combined with crystals and natural stones, pearls can be hip, fashionable, elegant and iconic.  Pearls of Wisdom designs has several lines: “Stunning” which are statement pieces; “Yes” which can be “dressed-down” or “dressed-up”; “Cotillion” which is more sweet and demure; and “Night Life” for special evening.

Throughout the years, I have purchased pearl jewelry to share with my daughter, family, friends, and co-workers, but now I have the distinct pleasure of creating and sharing pieces that reflect my history, my personality, my style, and my love. I bless each creation and share a piece of “wisdom”  that has been shared with me that has enhanced my life.

I hope you enjoy Pearls of Wisdom!


Debra TJ


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